Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Kendra!

Helllllo! What a week! Work has been insane and I love it. Seriously... no kidding, no bullpoop and no sarcasm. It's great - right now anyway! 

To Kendra = Happy Birthday to my beauty of a friend! I've know this girl since 2007 where we met playing rugby for the Calgary Rams Rugby Club. Fun times!! In honor of her birthday, I wanted to make her a treat. So - I made chocolate covered strawberries... A couple things crossed my mind when I thought of this.... My Aunt and S.E.X. (Ok, did I just lose all my readers because I said Aunt and S.E.X in the same sentence!?). Let me explain... My Aunt makes these all the time when she's making a quick dessert.... And well, doesn't every Valentine's Day Thing or sexy thing include eating chocolate dipped fruit? Maybe not for me because I don't exactly exemplify sexy but anyway...I don't know... - awkward now. Good.  

These weren't my best. I botched the chocolate a bit because I overheated it and it didn't get to a good dipping consistency.... But, here are my pictures from my efforts!

PS. Totally got my food penpal package today! I can't wait to share it on March 30th. :)

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