Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keep On Keeping On...

Happy End of the Week! Ok, so maybe not for you and actually, not for me this week either.... but generally - Thursday is the new Friday for me! I am a very lucky individual who gets to work 4 - 10 hour work days which means, I get one extra day per weekend. I will never ever want to go back to 5 day weeks, even if it means an extra hour of sleep. 

I didn't do a lot of exciting creations this week, but I thought, since I have taken this project on - I must commit to it and "Keep On Keeping On" as my title cleverly indicates! 

3 good (food) things I've been obsessed with this week:
1. Cauliflower Mash/Rice - Ridiculously good.
2. Sauteed spinach. Popeye had it right.
3. Grated Zuchinni

3 not so good (food) things I've been obsessed with this week:
1. Mixed nuts (bulk servings make them not good)
2. Golden Bridge Mix (sold at Planet Organic and Community Natural Foods - also in bulk servings)
3. Peanut butter eaten with a spoon

So, for every good thing I put in - I "x'' it out with a bulk portion from the later food list. This is how my math works - 60 box jumps = 60 chocolates. That makes sense right!? 

Anyway, here are some of the really delicious things I ate this week... The pictures do no justice.

1. Exhibit #1 - Coconut Crusted Salmon, Cauliflower Mash and Sauteed Spinach. Winner!

2. Exhibit #2 - Cajun Chicken, Asparagus and Maple Roasted Squash from Sunterra.
I rarely buy lunch unless I'm going on a lunch date with a girlfriend on my Friday off (Yes, lucky). I packed my lunch or so I thought. When I went to heat it up - I realized I brought a container of homemade pasta sauce - FAIL. $10 later - WIN!

3. Exhibit #3 - Grated Zuchinni & Homemade Pasta Sauce (had to utilize my mistake). YUM! Seriously.

Maybe next time, I'll show you pictures from the items I've been mowing through in bulk!

Wish me luck - running a 6km race in Lethbridge on Saturday with a crew of phenomenal ladies! They rock. This race rocks. It's in the dark and it's not too long! Can't wait! I'll try and be back Sunday in time for another bulk cooking session! My freezer needs some pasta sauce, and maybe some good old chili!!

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