Friday, March 23, 2012

A Post of Few Words

Another week in the great north of Alberta! I spent the week in camp and therefore, there has been very little action in my kitchen. I just finished baking muffins but won't post those tonight. Here is a bit of photo blogging, (if you will) from my week...

If you're in Calgary, and you want some good cheese - go to Janice Beaton. I don't actually know who Janice is, but whoever she is - amazing! The cheese here is good. And so much choice. I could probably spend a whole pay cheque buying cheese and fixings. This what I bought on Sunday for my beet salad. DELISH.

I made these on Sunday. A little dijon, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic. They looked better pre-cooked than cooked because I overdid the asparagus. I think had they been thicker, they wouldn't have burnt, but alas... The sauce was good! 

Monday night at camp! Salmon. YAY!

Tuesday night at camp! Meatballs and PEI vegetables (that's the green and yellow beans). 

Friday night dinner date with my friend, Michelle (remember her? I dedicated sugar cookies to her). We went to Ox and Angela. It was great! We had paella, kale, zuchinni, chicken, churros, and brulee! That was good eatin'! I needed my eating pants for this one. 

It's been a decent week for eating. My pants are getting too tight despite the running, so probably time to eat some more veggies and less chocolate. Happy Friday everyone! 

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