Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013: A Year In Review

So, it seems that the post back in September was what could be best described as a "false alarm" or maybe I was being a "tease"? Same same. Anyway, I don't want to start this post off with some empty promise that I'll write you all the time. What I do want to do is say thank you to the friends who've taken the time to say, "Hey Kyla, your blog? What's happened?" It makes me feel like a big deal.

I started this back in 2012 as a way to 1) publish the creations and 2) use it as an outlet during a really crappy time in my life. We aren't here to dwell on that, but I do want to give a big fist pump and a big EFF YEAH! Life is pretty sweet and the gratitude I feel almost daily (except yesterday in traffic) is because of the perspective that my series of not great experiences gave me. So yes, FIST PUMP.

Now, to the topic at hand. A year in review.. Sure, a few weeks early since there is still potential for 2013 to impress me with a few more sweet things, but let's hit the highlights:

1) February - Phoenix, Las Vegas, Quitting my job
I got on a plane on February 1st and flew down for my annual golf/grandpa trip. I got on that plane knowing I was going to make some seriously big changes in my life - letting go of a relationship that didn't serve me anymore and quitting a job (again, sigh*) to leave to a new one. Exciting times! I spent 6 glorious days in the 55+ community with my grandpa golfing, napping and eating. This prepped me for Vegas. I knew Vegas was going to be fun but it was WAY more fun than I expected. I managed to reunite with some old friends and even make a couple new ones! It was FANTASTIC. I even stayed an extra day, yeah...called Westjet, called work and stayed an extra day to party on! The day I got back, I It was awesome. The crying boss, not so awesome. Quitting, awesome. THEN, I had about 3 weeks off. Funemployment treated me well!
At LV Rugby 7s with a Mount - Me

2) March - New Job
Started a new gig. I love it. I have one of the best, most cohesive teams I've ever been a part of. 85% of the time, I'm excited to go to work. I'm learning a ton. I am exactly where I wanted to get to. The path that got me here wasn't what I had envisioned but the journey is the fun, right?

3) August - San Fran!
My first music festival ever! It was such a good time! 8 girls, rented a house in San Fran. We saw some sweet bands and drank some sweet drinks! San Francisco is a great city! I'd love to go back with more time.
Outside Lands Music Festival!

4) My summer fling.
This isn't what you're thinking. You're thinking I fell madly in love, right? Well, I did...kind of. Julie Cook came into my life like a Wrecking Ball (enter Miley). Actually, she's been around since I was 12. Jana, my Everything Friend/BFF, is her older sister so I've seen a lot of Julie through the years, we just didn't know we had so much in common!! We hiked, biked, drank, laughed, basically we were connected at the hip for the entire summer and it was glorious. It was exactly what I needed this summer. She left me in September to pursue an MBA. Not only is she a beauty, she's brains too. Package deal if you will. Julie, you're amazing! I love you. I am so freakin' proud of you. She's back for Christmas and it makes me so incredibly happy!
Reunited for Christmas!

5) Road bike
OMG. I was a part of a bike club. It was awesome. My friend (met in Vegas) Andrew and I bought road bikes. Then we rode them with Julie. I'm hooked. I love, love, love road biking. I just got back from Palm Springs and spent 2 of my 4 days there biking. I am at spin class ALL the time now. I just want the snow to melt so I can bike. Serious. NOW.

6) On Tour With Grandpa
Over the last couple of years, my grandpa took to mentioning a desire to see the red leaves out east. After hearing this a couple of times, I proposed we go. So, in May... I booked Gramps and I some flights and some hotels. We headed to Quebec City and Ottawa in October for 8 days. I had such a great time with him! I made a lot of miles in our little red car which I named Cosmopolitan Cherry in honor of Granpda's "cosmopolitan" lifestyle he led for the 8 days. He recited The Cremation of Sam McGee at the dinner table, told me that he is "exactly where he is supposed to be" and introduced me to the saying "gayer than a picnic basket." I love that man. He's so dear to my heart. I thank my dad every single day for making sure we kept ties to him. Thank you pa.
Gramps posing in Algonquin Park, ON

7) Shayna
She would kill me to know I've posted ANYTHING about her here so I'll keep it short. I wasn't sure how our relationship would develop but it's come along wonderfully. She wrote me one of the most thoughtful cards ever for my 30th birthday. She truly is one of my best friends even if she drives me nuts. I'd lay in front of a train for her.

8) 30!!
Yes, 30. WOW. WOW. WOW. If I could tell you about the best birthday EVER... My 16th comes to mind, I remember my 26th being good and I remember my 27th being pretty wicked but 30 has out done them all. This is thanks to my overly generous friends. I celebrated this one for a MONTH (or more). I won't get into the details but I was spoiled by so many people. It blew my mind over and over.

9) Triathlon #1
I got peer pressured into this. I am glad I did. I had so much fun! I did this with Julie and Andrew. I hated the swim though not as bad as I had expected..... We competed in the pouring rain. It made us all feel like a bunch of bad asses. Andrew and I were drinking beer with Jon and missed Julie's finish but I think she probably did great. Andrew killed it. And well, let me brag for a minute, I did too. I ran my fastest timed 5K around 25 minutes. I will do this again.
Pre-Triathlon. Ready to go!

10) School! Got my HR Certificate done. Now what? I'm thinking on it. Stay Tuned.

11) Christmas in November at Jasper Park Lodge. Remember how I just said I was spoiled for 30. Yeah. BIG TIME. My Aunt Robin bought me this for my 30th! We spent the weekend in Jasper watching celebrity chefs, eating, drinking and spending time together. Kirby and I (along with Ashley) went out in Jasper one night and had a great time! I laughed so much. I love all those people. I would definitely love to go to this again! Worth it.

12) Palm Springs
Just got back on Monday. I spent a few days down there with my friend Stacy Radass. She's one of my besties fo sho. We ate some AMAZING meals. If ever you get to Palm Springs, go to Workshop Kitchen & Bar, and Cheeky's and make sure to get yourself some authentic Mexican. We road biked a couple days and hiked Painted Canyon one of the days and lazed about one of the days. All in all - excellent! We had bailey's lattes every day. I think that we should have one of those ALL the time. Maybe tomorrow? ha.
Hiking Painted Canyon

I'm going to be an auntie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raina is pregnant. I'm really happy for her and really excited. I'm looking forward to this. June is the big month.I haven't seen her yet but I imagine she'll be one of those pregnant babes. You know, the ones that just have a belly and that are all glowy and cute.  Also, Ceara was one of these people (she had her baby in November, baby Meikenna). Pregnancy and motherhood looks incredibly good on this woman - side note.

14) Brunches
The ladies brunch continued on through 2013! 2 years strong ladies! 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange had 12 participants and we raised $365 for our Adopt a Family this year. You ladies rock! Can't wait for Wine and Cheese in February.

Ok wow - that got really long! I didn't even touch on everything! ROCK ON 2013!!! WOO! Thanks for reading! Next post, I promise I'll get some food recipes on here. PROMISE.