Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To All The Moms

PEEPS! I'm back, kinda. I'm starting off the lazy way. I'm going to put up something I wrote for all the mamas in my life back in March. Why I never did publish this, I do not know! Read it and enjoy it. Every word still stands true though the baby count has increased with a few more on the way! I'm looking forward to being an observer and sometimes participant of it! 

Feels good to be back!!


Happy Sunday to my Happy 13 Followers and whoever else endeavors to read this latest post on this very snowy Sunday afternoon! 

So, I would like to write a post on a little subject that I actually know nothing about...and I mean nothing. I'm going to write it as an observer and someone who has been absolutely blown away by the recent events in her friend's lives. It's some pretty cool shit. I'm going to write about moms and I'm going to write about new moms. 

I've been on Baby Tour 2013 since I became happily and purposely unemployed. Right now, the large majority of my friends are off during the day and hey, guess what!? So am I! This means I've had the pleasure of a whole shit ton of baby cuddles and time with my friends who have recently become parents. The babies in my life are ranging from 1 month old all the way up to the ripe age of 3 years (I think!). I can count 7 people I know that have had a baby in 2012/2013 and those 7 people are people that I see and converse with regularly so I've got some of the inside scoop about what it is to be a mom. While it's no cake walk, it's pretty f*cking cool. I've become one of those people - yeah those....the person who's posted baby pictures all over Facebook because I'm so excited for and proud of the moms in my life!

I would like to tell everyone who will listen just how neato it has been to be around these mom and baby interactions and how cool it has been (although sometimes brings tears to my eyes) to hear about their experiences. I had no idea what women really went through to bring children into the world. I mean yes - I've heard the odd story here and there....and obviously haven't experienced it myself, but my friends have bared all the details of what they've experienced to have these little bundles of joy and all I have to say is WOW. It's amazing. You can carry something around for 9 months, sustain a life inside of you and then after, you can even feed it with your body. You know it's every cry, it's every sound, you know when it's waking up from a nap before it's actually cried, you know how it likes it's milk, what sucky it likes best, how it likes clothes on or no clothes on, how it likes to be swaddled for naps, where it likes to sleep, what time of day it will need to eat, how to calm it down when it's upset, and the list goes on and the list will only get longer the longer this little person is alive. You moms work hard. You guys put a hard day in for these little guys. And I am so incredibly proud of every single one of you. The amount of love and amount of joy I see in each one of you when you're with your child makes my heart sing with happiness for all of you! I love all you moms out there - even the ones who've raised us and are becoming grandmas. I've been blessed to have been provided with some really special and strong women in my life who have not only raised some pretty f*cking cool kids, they've also become role models (whether they know it or not) to me. Some of these women I speak of have welcomed me into their homes and fed me like one of their own, given me cough medicine when I've been sick, hugged me when I've been upset and have always, no matter the situation, provided me unwavering support and encouragement. You guys are the best! I'm so grateful. So in short - MOMS, YOU ROCK!