Monday, February 20, 2012

NoT My BeSt WoRk

On Friday night I bought a huge bag of dates. When I think of dates, I think of seniors for some reason. I don't know why but I do. Anyway, I needed something to do with them, and mentioned this to my beautiful friend Allison, who sent me a recipe tonight. It wasn't her recipe that sucked - it was me. 

Date Snowballs
3.5 ounces pitted dates
1.5 tablespoons coconut
0.5 ounces almond flour*
sprinkle of cinnamon
*I subbed the 15 small almonds for almond flour

Throw it all into a food processor and make a mixture. Roll into balls, then roll into coconut. Eat. 

My result - I don't have a good food processor (WTF Kyla... I know, I need to get one), so things didn't get pureed very well. I took the mixture out and used a masher on it. Yes, a potato masher. It was ugly. Anyway, the flour made the mixture a little too sticky but I think if I played with amounts I could make it work. I also rolled mine in cocoa to be different, I haven't tried them yet but was thinking it could off set the sweetness of the dates & coconut. Here's hoping!! 

Date Lump Balls
Will I make this again? Yes, but I won't suck next time. 

Will I eat them? Yes of course - duh, but I won't serve these ones to my guests. 

Happy Family Day!

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