Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Today, there was no leaping for me! I am was tiiiiirrrreeeedddd - and for not a very good reason. I stayed late to work, but then, I started to research food processors and waffle irons. Yes, I am overtired today but I was doing market research for kitchen items. By the end of the weekend - I will own both, if not at least one. I feel that a processor is a key. How I've lived this long without one, I am not even sure.

So, some very exciting new for me today! I follow this blog: through Facebook and she had this fantastic post about signing up for a "Food Penpal" Yup! That's right. It's true. I can't wait, but a little nervous because that means people are going to read this. People that are outside of the "exclusive" membership! But, this is good because it means I have to keep up on this! YAY!

Tonight, I thought I might talk about my weekday food experiences.This week is special, per say because I am staying in camp (do every second week) and someone else cooks for me! Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. Sometimes I have to read the menu to make sure I know what's on the slop line and sometimes I don't know what the titles on the menu means (for example - P.E.I Vegetables - What the H!? Right.... Green and yellow beans... I had no idea those were native to P.E.I or classified as their vegetable. What would an Alberta vegetable be?? I'd really like to know). Backing up slightly - for those who are not familiar with the camp life - A company has an operation in a remote location, so they build a "camp" for their employees to stay in while they are working in this area. Camp isn't tents - its a big building, which has many rooms (think college dorm), a cafeteria, gym, pub, Tim Hortons, etc. etc. It's really not so bad! I meant to take pictures of all of my meals today but forgot so, I will share the few that I have. The menus are set up well in advance, so you will know Monday, what you are eating Wednesday, Thursday, etc. etc. Wednesday is typically "Steak or Prime Rib Night". Tonight, it was prime rib and ribs! I, for whatever reason, was feeling ribs and felt plesantly surprised to see asapargus (though it was mushy). You can't be fussy to eat here - that's for sure!

Brontosaurus Ribs?

Anyway, that's about all for tonight, I need to get myself to bed. The mornings come quick when I'm up here!

Sandwich a La Camp

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