Monday, November 12, 2012

The Next Chapter(s)

I should forewarn you - there isn't much about food here tonight and this post will be a rather short post, but I am trying my best to stay committed to this little endeavor of mine. Can you believe 7 people looked at my blog yesterday!? And no, I haven't even looked at it since last weekend! That's a success. I think I can thank the wonderous Foodie Penpal for this!

So, I want to talk about how friggin' cool life is getting. Many of the special people in my life (and of course myself too) are moving into the next new and exciting phases of their lives. I've talked about all the pregger ladies that are in my life and well, their babies are arriving!! On Monday, I got a happy little text from Michelle telling me that her water had broke and baby was on the way! Sure enough, later that day little Baby Cole arrived! Welcome Cole! I have yet to meet him but pictures indicate he has a head of beautiful dark brown hair. I can't wait to snuggle him. Then, I got a text from Faye on Wednesday saying that her water broke. Sure enough, later that day little Reagan Marie arrived! Welcome Reagan! I have got to meet her and hold her and she is so so so beautiful. She's going to be a looker I suspect - she does afterall, have a very beautiful mom!! THEN, Stacy (soon to be Dr. Radics) tells me she's performed her first neuter this week! SO PROUD. THEN, Rebekah and Bethan ran a half marathon yesterday. I should mention that Rebekah has a 3 year old running around, a full-time job, plays rugby (and got MVP 2012 nobigdeal), organizes rugby and still found the time to train for this. Bethan just had a baby girl like 6 months ago and looks hawthawthawt and has been training her buns off for this. HOLYEFF. You ladies rock!!! They are both running a marathon in 2013. Yeah, a marathon....they are nuts. Yes, I know... babies, a neuter, a half marathon - all so different, right?? But this is just exactly what is so cool about this..... Everyone is achieving their goals and moving forward in their lives. It's not the same for everyone, nor should it be! I'm so proud of each of them for doing these things and moving ahead in the way they have wanted to! YAY LIFE. You guys inspire me so much! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

Ok - on a food related note. I made these Chocolate Truffles this weekend. I've made them twice now. I gave them away the first time and then ate a few that I made yesterday. They tasted like brownies but weren't. Make them! They are good! The first time I subbed the pepitas for almonds and yesterday, I didn't have chocolate to dip them in - for the better! Both times, they were delicious and they are super easy to make. I love my food processor. Sometimes my food processor and I have more fun on Saturday nights than anyone else in this city - I'm sure of it. I used it like 3 times this weekend - I made soup, truffles and cauliflower/spinach mash. 

In other news... I've declared my winter uniform to be leggings. I hate jeans right now, like a lot. And also, the size of my shirt is directly proportionate to the number of pull ups I can do. Lots of pull ups = bigger shirt size. No pull ups = smaller shirt size. UGH. But good! I mean, I am getting stronger and faster and my energy levels are great and I really, really, really like the workouts (sometimes not while I'm doing them).... but the trade off is my big legs and big arms. I guess maybe I should consider returning to rugby again!? I could make use of these puppies! :)

Stuff I bought at the Christmas Market this weekend! YAY!
Anyways, that's the random post for tonight. Happy Monday! xoxo

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