Friday, November 30, 2012

November Foodie Penpal!

Reminder of what a dickie is
Another day, another dollar! Or something like that, what? Ok.. I don't even know what that means. For the record, I'm not making any dollars today (well,  I am because I'm a salaried employee) because I'm sitting at home covered in hives. Head. To. Toe. Hives. It starts at my ears and I actually have some on my feet, no joke. I've taken Reactine, spread hydro-cortisone cream all over my body (it reminds me of diaper cream), taken an oatmeal bath, itched, whined, etc. etc. and nothing has stopped it. I suppose you're wondering how I found myself in this wondrous position. Well, on Tuesday I started to get a terrible sore throat which could only be strep throat....and the hives slowly started on my neck. When I woke up on Wednesday, my neck looked like I was wearing a dickie of hives. Remember dickies? Those fake turtle neck things...yeah, it was like that but it was hives. Anyway, the clinic gave me penicillin. I took it. Turns out I'm allergic. When it was prescribed to me a small voice mentioned that mom had said something about being having a childhood allergy. Guess what?! It's an adult allergy as well. So, I'm a hive monster. My plans for the weekend are pretty much cancelled. BUT, on the upside, the sore throat is dissipating quickly! Eating my first solid food meal since Wednesday afternoon as we speak. VICTORY!

Ok enough of that BS. It's Foodie Penpal time! Remember that Foodie Penpal program that I rant and rave about!? Yes, it's another month of it. It was, once again - fantastical! I did, however find a glitch. I got it delivered to work and then proceeded to eat all of the delicious things Alissa sent me without taking a picture. OOPS. I will however give you a quick recap and post the measly little picture I did take of what I didn't inhale. 

Alissa was super generous, she gave me the following:
3 handwritten recipes I can't wait to try
A foodie magazine
Eggnog flavored coffee
Maple flavored coffee
Ginger chewy candies - SO GOOD.
Dark chocolate covered blueberries - Eaten instantly.
Roasted Soy Nuts

I sent my package to Mojgan out in Toronto! You can see what I sent when you visit her blog here.

Happy Friday People! I need to get back to tending my hives! ha.

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  1. Thank you so much Kyla -- I loved what you sent me! So lemony. So delicious.