Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Friday people! You know what that means to me!? I've had the day off. Yes, Fridays off! Sometimes, I have it so good - ok wait, I have it good a lot. I really do. So, I'm feeling pretty joyful today. I know you're wondering why, so I'll tell you:
1) The first person I saw today was my hot chiropractor. Yeah, he's hot. And nice. And smart. And hot. As I once told my friend, "You'd get injured just to be able to see him." He made my hips feel a little better. Yay.
2) I drank another one of those smoothies that I can't get over. I added some spinach for good measure.
3) I visited my friend Rebekah for a massage. That b*tch put me in all sorts of pain but lubricated me in oil and we laughed, so it was good. I'm sure I'll feel a lot better tomorrow! It was VERY needed.
4) It's sunny out! LOVE sun.
5) Jana and I booked a trip to Vegas and going to the Passport Office made me 10X more excited for it.
6) I'm meeting my work grandma for a coffee. She's going to share her Macchu Picchu pictures with me. She's amazing. Seriously, this woman is an inspiration to me. One of the most beautiful, strong and independent people I've met. She's a great role model. 
7) And... well, why not be joyful!? I'm here right? I have some amazing people in my life, I've got my health, I've got some sun, I have a good bowl of homemade chili in front of me and am listening to some good tunes. 

Ok, ok, I know - sounding a little overkill on the Positive Polly bit. But really, it's like I said in one of my previous posts that sometimes I just get excited over seemingly mundane shit. I was reading this blog post the other day and LOVED it. I especially loved her statement, "Be a Conduit of Joy." In the past few days, when I start letting myself slide into a crappy attitude, I think of her little statement; and guess what!? I feel happier. And guess what!? Since I've started making a conscious effort to let go of the shit that's really bugging (when I say let go, I don't mean shove down or eat in the form of chocolate,I mean feel it and them talk myself into letting it go) and make an effort to really be that "conduit" - I feel a hell of a lot better - everything in my life gets a bit brighter, and well things get a little bit easier. Are things in life perfect!!? Nope. Will they ever be!? Maybe not, but maybe they will be just perfect for me. I try to learn and see the lessons in the situations I've experienced whether it be loss, heartbreak, something at work, meeting someone new, travel, etc. etc. etc. There are lots of positives everywhere, you just have to be open to them! I've definitely been a Debby Downer and Negative Nancy at times, and I will be again and sometimes you need to have a down day and that's ok - but hopefully you don't let it become a way of life! JOY IS BETTER!! (GAG*, yup - Positive Polly)

Anyhows - since there is kitchen in the title of this, I will mention a couple food related things.
1) I'm obsessed with Greek Yogurt right now. It's better than ice cream.

2) GIRLS BRUNCH on Sunday!!! Weeeeeeehoooooo! My lovely wife (we call each other wives from our roommate days, she's married for real to a boy now)/friend/mom-to-be Jessie is taking on the entrepreneurial endeavor of selling jewelry so I thought I'd support her cause and round up the ladies again! Stay tuned for a new recipe that I'm going to try this weekend and pictures of what we got to eat. I'm so excited!!!!! I can't wait to see what everyone else brings and of course, I can't f*cking wait to see everyone. Gawd dammit I love my girlfriends. xo

Premium View from #204. haha.

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  1. My Dad lives off that Greek yogurt. I add it for the first time and understood why!