Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foodie Penpal January!

What a failed blogger. Geezus Kyla, where's the committment!? Here's the deal...the kitchen is still hot as ever and going strong but I've been so freakin' high strung with stress and excitement that I can't sit down long enough to write anything that is worth reading. But, for you guys - I'm going to try!

So first things first, its the end of January. DUH. It's awesome though and here's why:
1) My cousin had her baby last night. We have a new little baby to the family! He was born at 11:04pm and named Cohen. He's a beauty! OMGSOEXCITEDTOMEETHIM.
2) I leave tomorrow for 10 days. I'm headed to Phoenix to embarrass my grandpa with my lack of golf skills on the courses for 6 days and then I'm flying to Vegas where I'm meeting a crew of fantastic ladies and some other randos that I know to play rugby and watch some rugby for 4 days! I hope I come home alive. I know I'll come home pickled and probably go on a cleanse. YESSSSSSS. I have my mountie costume all packed. No, I didn't stutter. Mountie costume. I'm Canadian - it makes sense.
3) BIG CHANGE POST VACATION but can't let the cat out the bag yet. I have to leave you all in suspense and I'm not sorry.

OK, I've done a lot of cooking lately. I've been more into the cooking than baking because I find I eat my baking supplies too much. But more than that - I'm just finding the experimentation of spices and such so exciting! What's been on the menu!?
1) Remember those Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs?'s picture of them.

2) They are accompanied by mashed cauliflower. Sounds gross right? It isn't. Just make it. All you do is cook some cauliflower, put it in a food processor, add some butter and salt and pepper and it tastes like mashed potatoes. No, not feeding you a mouth full of shit. Promise. Make them. They aren't shit.
3) Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs from the same recipe book which I'm loving more and more and more.
4) A whole chicken. Yes, a whole one. Fcuk, it was good! So good in fact, that I only got one picture of it's thigh. Also followed from this book. And also took tips from J. Bath. She told me to make sure to rub the spices under the skin, massage your chicken and give him a name. I named mine Randy and no, I didn't feel bad eating it after I gave him a more human element.

5) Failed Cinnamon Buns. I blame the yeast I bought from Superstore. I spent 2.5 hours making 2 different batches of these f*ckers and neither turned out and they kept me up until 1am. They were about 10 pounds each, not at all light and fluffy. I suck. So, in an effort salvage these, I ate the sugar and pecan glaze. It was good but karma made me burn my mouth with it and it hurt for 2 days. But, let's remember that time they turned out! Oh and speaking of fails - check this girl out. She is devoted to posting her failed pintrest projects!

6) Bison and Butternut Squash Chili, again...from this book (enough already, right!?)
7) Coconut crusted chicken fingers (egg free, grain free, dairy free) for my friend Rebekah! She came over to rub me in oil (yes, for real) - a massage you creeps....and I fed her. It was nice!
8) Eggs Benedict - one time with smoked salmon for J Bath and I. A few times with bacon. All times delicious. Well wait, except for the time with J Bath because I poured the butter too fast and the Hollandaise was like water instead but still tasted like Hollandaise! SO GOOD. I'm obsessed.

And now, on to the title of this post! My foodie penpal also has a blog that you can go and check out here! My January Foodie Penpal is named Jo and she lives in BC. Sadly I didn't get a picture of my package because I opened it at my Aunt and Uncle's farm and then ate it all. But, Jo was lovely and sent me the following:
  • Honey
  • Dried Fruit - this is where Kirby and I learned a life lesson. Dried Plums = Prunes. TMI?
  • A piece of jade to promote good health
  • Pocket calendar
Thank you Jo! I have to take a break from the Feb penpal since I won't be around! But I'll be back at it. Who doesn't love getting a package!!!?? And a surprise at that. Want to know what I sent? Visit here!

Still haven't got your FOODIE PENPAL!? Get on it. Seriously.

OK check you guys later!

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