Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh heeeyyyyy

 Well hi! I like that I write this like someone is seriously reading this. BUT, I'm excited to see that I do have 8 whole followers even if one of them is me. haha. I'm someone too you know!

So, I don't have anything exciting in terms of recipes to share. I've been shamefully lazy, and spending as much time outside as possible. I've started leaving my apartment, being busy and getting on with life in general!

I will however share some pictures of things that I have been doing! I promise the next post will be something baked or cooked or something to do with the kitchen. PROMISE. In fact, I believe a foodie penpal post will be in order ASAP. SO PUMPED. Gawd dammit I love that program. 

Ok, so here are some really crappy views on hikes I've been. Ok, I'm just trying to be funny - they aren't crappy at all. In fact, they are breathtaking. I love that I live so close to this stuff that I can just wake up and decide to go in a minute. YESSSSSS.

At the top of Prairie Mountain
WOW! Top of Prairie Mountain
Inushuk at Barrier Lake

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