Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hump Day Inspiration

Howdy ho! ho! ho! (A little Christmas spirit for y'all) So, I've been thinking a lot lately about my current focus. I'm 6 months into going to Crossfit really consistently....and am starting to feel a bit unmotivated. I've taken another break this week because I'm on the brink of getting a full blown, awful cold....and yes, just got over strep so I really don't need to do this again. I'm a little burnt out - it's time for a mental and physical break. Then, work isn't going exactly as I had expected. That being said - I still have NO (none, zip, nada) regrets about leaving my last job. I'm not quite getting the experience that I really wanted and have been shoved back into the world of recruiting and marketing. It's been good in some respects because I've gotten to do more than I have done in my previous role and am essentially the boss of the recruitment function for the company and am now leading my US counterparts into the possibility of a huge recruitment/marketing/branding project. It's a fantastic opportunity, but not the one I expected here. I was so focused to get my HR Certificate done, get my professional designation, get my generalist experience and then start really taking off in my career. BUT, as it seems - I need more patience. 

PATIENCE. This seems to be something that keeps coming back up in my life. PATIENCE. There is this big part of my that just wants to grow up SO fast (in my career anyway) and just get on with life....The thing that is becoming more and more apparent is just how immature I am. I'm immature in my career and immature in my knowledge of the way the world works. I want everything NOW. I WANT.IT.NOW.NOW.NOW. I still have so much to learn and it's actually a pretty exciting thought. It's pretty exciting considering I was lamenting over the prospect of turning 30 thanks to my regularly appearing gray hairs, my terrible hangovers, my easier weight gain, and the fear that I haven't done enough....Anyway...I'm rambling. 

So, where all of this came from was that I was listening to some mixes I found on 8tracks. I will admit that I was listening to some cheesy inspirational mixes, one in particular called, "Powerful Beyond Measure" which is basically a bunch of speeches. Among these voices are: Muhammad Ali, Arnold, Rocky, etc. Yes....I know. I know...Cheese. That said, I've gotten some very good advice and would like to share a few points Arnold shared:

6 Secrets To Success By Arnold Schwarzenegger:

1. Trust yourself
Trust yourself, dig deep down and ask yourself: ‘who do you want to be?’. Not what, but who. Not what your parents or teachers wants you to be, but you! Figure out for yourself, what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to the people.
2. Break the rules
We have so many rules in life about everything, break the rules! It is impossible to be a true original if you to well behaved and not break the rules, you have to think outside the box. What is the point of being on this world if all you want is to be liked by everyone. The only way that I ever got any place was by breaking some of the rules
3. Don’t be afraid to fail
Anything that I’ve ever attempted I was always willing to fail. You can’t always win, but don’t be afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, success will come.
4. Don’t listen to the naysayer
How many times have you heard: you can’t do this, you can’t do that. It has never been done before. I love it when someone says that no one has ever done that before, because that means that if I do it, that means that I am the first one that has done it. Pay no attention to people that say that it can’t be done.
5. Work your butt off!
Leaving no stone unturned. Muhammed Ali, one of my greatest hero’s had a great line when he was asked: ‘how many sit ups do you do?’. He said: ‘I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting, that is when I start counting, because then it really counts, that’s what makes you a champion’. That’s the way it is with everyting, no pain, no gain!
Someone out there at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter, remember that! I’ve always figured out that there is 24 hours a day, you sleep 6 hours. That means you have 18 hours left. I know that some of you out there answers: ‘wait a minute I sleep 8 or 9 hours’. Well, than sleep faster I recommend.
6. Giving back
Whatever path that you take in your life, you must always find time to give something back. Give something back to your community, give something back to your state or your country. Reaching out and helping people will bring you more satisfaction than everything else you’ve ever done!

Yes, he made some bad movies, he made some good movies, he has some big muscles... but gotta say - maybe he got it right!

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